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Deck & Countertop Pizza Ovens

Common Features

  • All stock models available in 120v, 208v, 240v, Natural gas
  • Stainless steel exterior
  • Pizza with heavy toppings require a lower baking temperature and longer baking time
  • If toppings need more time to cook, a screen placed under the pizza can prevent the bottom from burning.
  • Scrape off burnt residue from a deck daily. Buildup can create an "off" flavor and increase baking times.
  • Keep ceramic decks dry. Wet spots or spills will cause food to stick.
  • Never season ceramic decks with baking oil.
  • Crumbs must be cleaned from a conveyor belt consistently to prevent burning
  • Contact between the wire rack and heating element on a frozen pizza oven may cause the element to burst. Use with caution

Determine Your Needs

What type of business is this for?
High volume pizza establishments will need a quick recovery deck or conveyor oven. A bar that serves the occasional frozen pizza or snacks will be more geared towards a frozen pizza oven or counter top oven.

Are there any hood restrictions?
All gas equipment and some electric need to be put under a hood unless the equipment is specifically manufactured as being "ventless". A bar with no hood would have more equipment limitations on what they can use in their establishments.

Are there any local certification requirements that you need to consider?
Though NSF, UL, and ETL certifications all meet the same ANSI standards, some localities will only recognize NSF.

Deck & Countertop Pizza Ovens


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