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Used Equipment

Reconditioned Used Restaurant Equipment at our
Columbus, Ohio Warehouse Store

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Shop Used Equipment

  • If you desire quality Used Equipment, we invite you to visit our Columbus, Ohio Warehouse Store to talk with our equipment specialists about your needs and to experience our enormous and fast-changing inventory of Used Equipment and Supplies.

  • Reconditioning of Used Equipment includes
    • Initial Inspection
    • Cleaning and Detailing
    • Wiring inspected and replaced as needed
    • Parts tested and replaced as needed
    • Electrical Testing
    • Quality Safety Check
    • Gaskets and Seals checked adn replaced as needed
    • Final Inspection
    • Pre-Owned Certification

Sell or Trade Used Equipment

  • We are frequently in the market for additional used items to sell at our Columbus Warehouse Store. If you are near our Columbus Warehouse Store, please call us first (800) 235-3325.

  • Depending upon what you have to offer and your location, we can arrange for one of our Used Equipment Specialists to meet with you and inspect your items to determine value.

Warranties on Used Equipment

Since 1966, Restaurant Equippers has been an industry leader in buying and selling Used Food Service Equipment at our Columbus, Ohio Warehouse Store. Our thorough state-of-the-art reconditioning process ensures every item offered for sale to be in guaranteed working condition.

Occasionally, we also offer for sale very carefully selected Used Equipment products in our Catalog, at, and in our Detroit Warehouse Store.

However, appearance and conditions of used equipment vary considerably, and for most used equipment products we insist that you see and inspect the equipment prior to your purchase.