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American Metalcraft Wide Rim 18-Gauge Aluminum Pizza Pans

American Metalcraft
  • Aluminium pizza pan with wide rim
  • Choose size below
  • 18 gauge
  • By American Metalcraft
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SKU: Pic Details MFR# Price Quantity
040006 American Metalcraft 6 6" TP-6
$1.64 Each
040007 American Metalcraft 7 7" TP-7
$1.84 Each
040008 American Metalcraft 8 8" TP-8
$1.99 Each
040009 American Metalcraft 9 9" TP-9
$2.42 Each
040010 American Metalcraft 10 10" TP-10
$2.75 Each
040011 American Metalcraft 11 11" TP-11
$3.08 Each
040012 American Metalcraft 12 12" TP-12
$3.24 Each
040013 American Metalcraft 13 13" TP-13
$3.70 Each
040014 American Metalcraft 14 14" TP-14
$3.97 Each
040015 American Metalcraft 15 15" TP-15
$4.58 Each
040016 American Metalcraft 16 16" TP-16
$4.62 Each
040017 American Metalcraft 17 17" TP-17
$5.10 Each
040018 American Metalcraft 18 18" TP-18
$5.99 Each

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American Metalcraft Wide Rim 18-Gauge Aluminum Pizza Pans