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Blodgett Commercial Cooking Equipment

Since 1848, Blodgett has built commercial ovens that stand the test of time. The durability of a Blodgett oven is unmatched. From their fully-welded angle frames to their double porcenalized interior designed to prevent rust, no other professional oven stacks up. At Restaurant Equippers, we’ve teamed up with Blodgett to offer our customers outstanding cooking technology for taverns, restaurants and bars, alongside the quality and experience only our top-shelf, product specialists can offer.

Blodgett Commercial Convection Ovens

The only thing that stacks up to a Blodgett commercial convection oven, is another Blodgett Convection oven. Maybe you’re adding a Blodgett single-deck to your baking arsenal, or perhaps you need to maximize throughput with a Blodgett double stack. Whether you’re just baking desserts for your restaurant, or roasting all day to meet the needs of banquet style serving, Blodgett scales to meet your foodservice business.

Blodgett commercial convection ovens are perfect for baking everything from breads and pastries, to proteins like chicken, pork roasts or prime rib! Blodgett convection ovens are also great for heating previously frozen foods. No matter what you’re baking or cooking, chefs enjoy the large, spacious capacity each deck provides.

    • Draft Diverters are one of the most popular options for a commercial convection oven. All Blodgett convection ovens come equipped with a draft diverter for your convenience!

    • Hood vents are available for those who need to vent heat and oven exhaust through a previously installed vent pipe or simply prefer a hood vent.

Blodgett Commercial Hydrovection Ovens

If you’re looking for all the benefits of a Combi oven with a cost closer to a convection oven, then Blodgett’s Hydrovection ovens are for you! Blodgett’s Hydroonvection ovens give the option of adding humidity during the cooking process. Hydrovection ovens can bake, and roast with yields 15 – 25% higher than a standard convection oven.

If you’re looking to replace or add an oven to your restaurant, Restaurant Equipper’s line of Blodgett Hydrovection ovens are a solid investment that can last decades when maintained properly.

    • Cooks 30% faster than a standard convection oven

    • Uses 80% less water usage than a full sized combi oven

    • Easy use controls with storage for up to 500 recipes

Cook more. Faster. Better.

Blodgett Commercial Pizza Deck Ovens

If you are looking for a great quality product with minimal repairs costs and reliable controls then look no further than Restaurant Equippers’ full line of Blodgett Pizza Deck ovens. Blodgett commercial pizza deck ovens are a perfect choice for a reliable, long lasting product in any commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Whether you are cooking pizzas and calzones or baking breads and roasts, Blodgett Deck ovens set the industry’s standard in excellence.

    • Add-a-section design, whether you need one oven or two let the product grow with your business.

    • Battleship construction, fully welded iron frame, designed to last for decades

    • Heavy duty, high volume, fast recovery pizza oven

Blodgett Commercial Combination Ovens

Combination ovens are the ideal tool for any commercial kitchen making everything from breads, sweets, starches and even proteins. Blodgett commercial combi ovens are equipped to handle large quantities for banquet styled events and small portions for quick serving styles.

The difference in these heavy duty Combi ovens is they can incorporate steam into the items being cooked, meaning starches and root vegetables can be cooked with an ease and with better consistency. Blodgett Combi ovens can also handle fragile baked goods better than a standard convection oven due to numerous fan setting.

    • Optional SmartTouch2 Control allowing for consistent quality cooking everything

    • Features a self-cleaning mode making maintenance easy. No need for cleaning chemicals

    • Cooks product 30-40% faster than a standard convection oven

Blodgett Commercial Ventless Hoodini Ovens

No Smoke, No Mirrors, It’s Just Magic. Blodgett commercial combi ovens featuring the Hoodini Ventless system let you hookup anywhere there’s water and a drain. No hood, filter or fire suppression required! This system requires absolutely no clearance and removes smoke, odor and moisture from the oven during use.

Blodgett Mini Hoodini Ventless Combi ovens are perfect for cooking everything from breads, sweets, vegetables and even proteins. Allowing you to expand your menu while taking up less space.

    • Features a self-cleaning mode making maintenance easy. No need for cleaning chemicals

    • Cooks product 30-40% faster than a standard convection oven

    • Easy use controls with storage for up to 500 recipes

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