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FibraMent Baking Stone for Deck Pizza Ovens 30-3/8"L x 42"W x 1"H

SKU # HJ0001 MFR # FIBRAMENT Brand: FibraMent-D
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  • Baking stone for use with:
    • Blodgett natural gas 2-deck pizza oven (SKU CD9810, manufacturer #981)
  • Oven holds 2 stones, one per deck
  • Optimal heat retention 
  • Quick recovery time 
  • 30-3/8" x 42" x 1" thick


Certifications NSF
Type Stones
Pizza Oven Accessories
Oven Accessories
Cooking Equipment Accessories


FibraMent-D never needs to be removed from your oven, bakes the perfect pizza, breads, cakes, cookies, etc., every time and easy to follow baking instructions are provided. Designed for gas, electric and convection ovens, it can be placed directly on your oven rack. Why keep a Baking Stone in your oven? As you bake, your oven cycles on and off, causing the temperature to fluctuate as much as 20 degrees F above and below the temperature you set. The Baking Stone, when placed on a lower shelf about 5 inches below the oven floor provides instant even heat when bread is placed directly on the stone as well as stabilizing the temperature in the oven.

Made in the USA of a blend of heat resistant and conductive materials approved by NSF International for use in baking ovens.

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