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Shopping for Prep Tables?

Prep tables are designed to be used on a production line in a kitchen. They offer immediate access to ingredients on the top of the unit. A cutting board in front of the top storage area allows for food preparation. Doors open on the bottom of the unit to access more product storage space.


Common Features

  • Hinged Lid over Top Storage Area
  • Heavy Duty Foamed-In Insulation in Cabinet Walls
  • Casters
  • Temperature Control
  • Meets NSF Standards
  • 5-Year Compressor Warranty

Some Things to Consider

  • Measure for Space
  • 100°F Ambient
  • 24/7 Operation
  • Standard Top vs Cut Top vs Mega Top
    • Standard Top prep tables feature two rows of 1/6th pan capacity and a 10“ deep cutting board
    • Cut Top prep tables also feature two rows of 1/6th pan capacity, but they offer a deeper 17” deep cutting board
    • Mega Top prep tables are modified to carry 3 rows of 1/6th pans, and they come with a standard 10”deep cutting board
  • Standard Rail (Sandwich Prep) vs Raised Rail (Pizza Prep)
    • Standard Rail prep tables feature a cutting board that is mounted flush to the top surface of the included 1/6th sized food pans stored behind them. These units feature either a 10” or 17” deep cutting board. This is the recommended application for sandwich and salad preparation.
    • Raised Rail units come with a top refrigeration section that is raised, which helps separate the ingredient area from the production (cutting board) area. Food pans are typically not included in these units, because many pizza operators tend to customize the pans they use. These units come with a 17” deep cutting board.

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