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Patriot 12" Gravity Feed Meat Slicer

SKU # 411233 MFR # SL300ES Brand: Patriot
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  • 12" gravity feed meat slicer
  • Removable carriage for easy maintenance
  • Adjustable slicing knob with ring guard
  • Includes a built in sharpener and permanently lubricated carriage ball bearings to ensure quiet operation
  • Belt driven
  • 120V
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • 21"L x 18"W x 18"H
  • 1 year warranty


Type Slicers

Patriot’s meat slicers are constructed of anodized aluminum to make them tough, durable and long lasting. These belt driven units are easy to operate and fit well in areas with limited countertop space. The meat carriages are removable for easy maintenance and cleaning. The adjustable slicing knob gives you a consistent slice every time. The a built-in blade sharpener will always keep your slicer sharp and ready to cut.


    1. Unwrap and place machine with the On/Off switch so that it is in front of the operator.
    2. Regulate the thickness of the slice desired by turning the graduated knob.
    3. Switch on to activate the blade.
    4. Place the food to be sliced on the sliding carriage (pushing against the food holder arm) facing the blade, making sure that the food is resting against the gauge plate.
    5. After use, turn the graduated knob back to position “0”. The food grip should not be removed unless the shape and size of the food does not allow its use.

Note: For best results, thaw out frozen meat for several hours before slicing.

*If the sharpener is not mounted, proceed as follows:

  • Place the sharpener in its support
  • Tighten the safety screw
  • Block the knob


To maintain cleanliness and increase service life, the machine should be cleaned daily. 

  • Before cleaning or attempting to move food slicer, unplug from outlet
  • Wipe the entire machine and all parts with a clean soft cloth using ordinary neutral detergents. Use soft cloths for drying.
  • When the sliding food tray moves with difficulty, lift the food slicer and place on its side.
  • Carefully clean the cylindrical sliding bar and lubricate with Vaseline oil.
  • Remove knife guard periodically, unscrewing the screw (in the center of the knife guard) then clean both the blade and the inside of the knife guard with alcohol

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