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"It's a Grand Opening: Ohio Business Opens its Doors in Detroit" (My Foodservice News)


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My Foodservice News (Independent Restauranteur)

Vol. 2 / Issue 5
September - October 2007

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David Kelly, Marketing Director

It’s a Grand Opening:  Ohio business opens its doors in Detroit, Michigan

It’s hard to ignore the rivalry between the Buckeye State and Michigan , especially when the two face off on the gridiron.  But there’s at least one business in Columbus that loves the state up north.  So much so, that they recently opened a huge Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store in the suburb of Southfield, Michigan, right in the center of the Detroit Metropolitan Area.

Restaurant Equippers opened its doors to do business in Columbus in 1966. Over forty years later, with its powerful Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store in Columbus, this nationwide business has over 100,000 customers across the U.S.   The company has a nationwide catalog and Website, and is one of the most recognized equipment and supply points in the food service industry, known far and wide as the “Largest Restaurant Equipment Warehouse Store in the Midwest”.

Expansion into Detroit is the company’s first physical venture outside of Columbus.  “Our customers in Michigan have been good to us”, says Jim Barr, C.F.O. of Restaurant Equippers. “Every year more and more Michigan restaurants, pizza shops, bars, caterers, schools, churches, country clubs, fraternal organizations and other food service operators come to us to fill their needs. We obviously have what they’re looking for, and we’re excited about opening a powerful Warehouse Store for our customers there.” 

Barr refused to divulge the total expenditure for the Southfield location, but confirmed that merchandise, equipment and fixtures alone would exceed $2 Million.  “We’re not creating a satellite store”, Barr indicated. “It is a prime 36,000 sq ft location filled with the same huge inventory and low bulk warehouse priced products as in Columbus.  The Southfield Warehouse Store will be every bit as powerful as Columbus .”

John Eberhart, a former Columbus Sales Manager with over ten years experience with the company, is General Manager of the new Southfield store.  Eberhart explains, “We find that many customers make the long drive to Columbus rather than phoning or placing an internet order.  Even in this day and age of online ordering, most customers still thrive on good old fashioned “one on one” attention from people they can look in the eye and trust to help them. They like to explore the inventory, compare the different prices, touch and feel the items they buy, and discuss options with our employees.  These personal relationships are what have made us a leader in the industry.”

“Huge inventories and low prices attract customers to our store,” Eberhart continues.  “But our employees keep customers coming back.  Most have grown up in food service themselves and have solid knowledge and empathy for their customers’ problems, from the dining to the back room operations.  There’s no hard sell.  We simply help customers fill their needs.  We pay no sales commissions.  Instead, we pay professional salaries to our equipment and supply specialists based on their efforts of truly helping customers solve their problems, whether in the store, on the phone, and on the internet.”

With the highly publicized gloom of Detroit economic woes during the last decade, the company is asked why they are opening there.  Barr says the answer is simple.  “Although Detroit is the seventh largest Metro Area in the country and has over 4.2 million people, food service operators throughout Michigan have been forced to go elsewhere to obtain the products, prices and service they need.  We have what they need.”

John Eberhart and his wife Julia bought a home close to the new Southfield Warehouse Store, and John states with excitement that no one else in Michigan can offer food service operators what his Southfield store can. “Our store has it all,” he says proudly. “The largest inventory, lowest everyday prices, immediate availability, and experienced food service specialists.”   

John’s staff includes experienced Restaurant Equippers’ employees who have relocated to Michigan from Columbus along with a contingent of employees hired in the Detroit area, and assigned to the store after weeks of extensive training in Columbus .  The new Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store is located just north of Interstate 696, at the intersection of 11 Mile Road and Greenfield Road in Southfield, Michigan , conveniently located to the Detroit Metropolitan area and beyond.

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Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store - Columbus                      
635 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215  

Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store - Detroit        
27041 Greenfield Rd  (at 11 Mile Rd)
Southfield, Michigan 48076

Store Hours (EST)
Monday - Friday: 8-5
Saturday: 8-12
Sunday: closed

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Monday - Friday: 8-6
Saturday: 8-12