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NOW IN DETROIT! The Largest Restaurant Equipment Warehouse in the Midwest


RESTAURANT EQUIPPERS WAREHOUSE STORE, known as “The Largest Restaurant Equipment Warehouse Store in the Midwest” opened its doors on Aug 20th in the Detroit metro area, just a mile north of Interstate 696 at the corner of Greenfield Road and 11 Mile Road in Southfield, Michigan. 

Thousands of In-Stock Items!  Bulk Warehouse Prices!
No Commissioned Salespeople!  Immediate Pickup or Shipment! 

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Sun: Closed
Phone 1-800-235-3325

The 36,000 square foot store is a duplicate of the Restaurant Equippers Warehouse Store operated for more than 40 years in Columbus, Ohio where economy-minded food service operators from as far away as Florida, Louisiana and New York arrive daily with rental trucks/trailers to buy “national brand food service equipment and supplies”, “scratch-and-dent bargains”, “factory over-stocks” and “clearance” items!

John Eberhart, former Sales Manager from Columbus, is General Manager of the company’s new store in Southfield.  “We made a multi-million dollar investment here”, Eberhart says. “We have thousands of in-house Food Service Equipment and Supplies, everything from “walk-in freezers” to “knives and forks”. Customers can immediately haul away what they buy, schedule delivery via our local delivery truck, or arrange next day shipping at discounted freight direct from our Nationwide Distribution Center.” 

Restaurant Equippers’ centralized 170,000 square foot Nationwide Distribution Center re-supplies both the Southfield and Columbus Warehouse Stores several times a week, and ships daily to thousands of nationwide customers who place orders in the stores, phone the company’s Nationwide Order Office (1-800-235-3525), or place internet orders on the company’s 24-hour-a-day shopping site (www.equippers.com).

“Physically expanding into Detroit was a ‘no-brainer’”, Eberhart says. “We already have thousands of mail order and internet customers here, and even in today’s age of online ordering many still prefer to see and touch products and deal with local people they can look in the eyes and trust. Out equipment and supply specialists are industry pros, hired and paid salaries to help… not commissions on how much they sell!”

John and his wife Julia have relocated to a home near the Southfield Warehouse Store. John’s staff includes experienced employees who have relocated from Columbus as well as employees hired in the Detroit area and assigned to the store after extensive training at the Columbus Warehouse Store. John invites food service operators throughout the metro area to visit his new store.  He says confidently, “You’ll like what you find!”

Contact:Jim Barr
Telephone: 614-358-6621
Cell Phone: 614-271-9969