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Our History

In the early 1960’s Morris Dach, a successful restaurateur for over 20 years, began buying and selling used restaurant equipment from his garage to help friends in the food service business. He loved finding cost-efficient ways to start and expand their businesses and he developed relationships that lasted for decades.

Morris Dach, founder - Restaurant Equippers
Morris Dach

In 1966 Morris opened an equipment warehouse store in Columbus, Ohio – offering food service equipment and supplies direct to operators throughout the area.

The business venture quickly became successful, and Morris developed trusted relationships with many of the leading manufacturers in the industry, adding a constantly growing inventory of new equipment and supplies to his store.

Knowing what his food service operators needed, Morris purchased his products in huge bulk lots rather than simply to fill individual customer orders. Warehousing huge inventories in his “Restaurant Equipper’s Warehouse Store”, Morris eliminated traditional industry lead time, providing immediately available new and used products to the public at BULK PRICES NORMALLY AVAILABLE ONLY TO LARGE CHAINS.

As business grew, Morris stubbornly refused pressures to add what he considered to be unnecessary “frills”… including commissioned salesmen, glossy catalogs, route deliveries, design services, and customer credit programs. Instead, Morris hired former food service operators like himself (paying them salaries to HELP customers, rather than commissions to maximize sales), and he developed state-of-the-art warehouse systems, facilities and shipping methods to service his customers more and more efficiently. “Our business is about helping customers save money”, As usual, Morris was right and Restaurant Equippers soon became one of The Largest Restaurant Equipment Warehouse Companies in the Country as well as a highly trusted national mail order supplier efficiently providing low prices to food service operators nationwide. Morris Dach passed away in 2003 and continues to be missed by the company and its customers. However, Restaurant Equippers continues to grow and expand nationally. Restaurant Equippers opened 200,000 square foot distribution center in 2003 to insure items are always in stock for immediate shipment. In 2005 Restaurants Equippers opened an online store, Equippers.com to enable food service operators to shop 24 hours a day seven days a week. Morris’ family continues to run the company, and the Restaurant Equippers team who helped Morris build Restaurant Equippers remains dedicated to efficiently providing more trusted and dependable everyday low prices and special bargains than anyone in the industry.

What once was only a handful of food service operators in Columbus, Ohio is now a growing legion of over 100,000 cost-conscious food service operators, benefiting everyday from the principles Morris Dach stubbornly developed in the early 1960’s: Low prices, immediately available products, efficient and friendly customer service, and “no frills”.

The spirit of Morris Dach continues to be the cornerstone of Restaurant Equippers’ nationwide growth today.