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Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers


Blast Chiller

Blast chillers and shock freezers are designed to quickly cool hot foods through the temperature danger zone to a range where food can be safely stored until reheated and served. If your restaurant, hospital, school, or catering company makes large quantities of food to be reheated and served later. In that case, a flash freezer is an important piece of restaurant equipment to keep your diners safe. By quickly getting food through the danger zone and to safe storage temperatures, you also increase the shelf life of your prepared food. Blast freezers also have other uses. Some restauranteurs use them in place of a dedicated mug or plate chiller or to rapidly cool bottled drinks. Bakers use them to quickly cool down ingredients, speeding up assembly and plating. Why use a blast chiller when you have a perfectly good reach-in freezer? There are a few reasons not to do this. Putting hot food into your reach-in freezer potentially drops the interior temperature of the freezer enough to start thawing items you’ve already frozen. Regular commercial freezers and refrigerators aren’t as cold as a blast freezer, and they’ll have to work harder to maintain their set temperatures. That means the item you want to cool down will linger in the danger zone, increasing the chance of bacterial growth. Cooling paddles are a great way to cool down soups, stocks, and other liquids quickly. Check out our selection of food storage containers and vacuum storage machines for when food is cooled down and ready to move to your walk-in cooler or freezer.