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  • Solid portioning/serving spoon
  • 1 oz. capacity
  • 9-1/2" Long handle with capacity markings
  • Color coded for easy identification
  • Beige polycarbonate
  • Heat safe up to 212°F

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Tablecraft 10640 Beige 1 oz. Solid Polycarbonate Portioning Spoon with Long Handle

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Introducing the Tablecraft 10640 Beige 1 oz. Solid Polycarbonate Portioning Spoon with a Long Handle - a culinary essential designed to elevate your serving and portioning precision. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this spoon is a versatile tool that brings accuracy and efficiency to your culinary endeavors.

Designed for precise serving, this solid portioning spoon boasts a 1 oz. capacity, making it a perfect companion for a variety of culinary tasks. Whether you're carefully portioning sauces, dressings, or other condiments, this spoon ensures consistent measurements and reliable results every time.

The 9-1/2" long handle is thoughtfully designed for optimal reach and maneuverability. What sets this handle apart is the convenient capacity markings etched onto it, making sure you know which size spoon you're using.

Crafted from high-quality beige polycarbonate, this portioning spoon is not only durable but also heat-safe up to 212 F (100 C). This feature allows you to confidently use it for serving both hot and cold dishes without the risk of warping or damage.

The versatility of this spoon is evident in its design. Its solid structure is ideal for scooping and serving a wide range of ingredients, making it a valuable tool in both professional kitchens, home settings, and cafeteria and healthcare facilities. Whether you're catering an event, running a restaurant, or simply preparing meals for your family, this spoon delivers consistent results every time.

From drizzling dressings to portioning condiments, this spoon's ergonomic design ensures precision and ease of use. Its heat-safe construction adds to its practicality, making it an essential tool that simplifies your culinary tasks.

Elevate your culinary precision with the Tablecraft 10640 Beige 1 oz. Solid Polycarbonate Portioning Spoon with a Long Handle. Experience the convenience of accurate portioning, enhance your plating finesse, and ensure your dishes are presented with perfection. Don't wait - order now and discover the difference this reliable spoon can make in your kitchen endeavors!

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