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$25,496.35 EA
  • High Volume - Fast recovery pizza oven
  • Bake directly on our QHT (Quick Heat Technology) Rokite stone deck - designed for even heat transfer and moisture absorption, which means crispier crusts for your pizza
  • Deck-style liquid propane pizza oven
  • Single compartment, 60"W x 36"D x 10"H
  • Two free-floating, easily removable duplex-tube burners
  • Snap throttle thermostat with temperature control range of 300 to 650°F
  • Vitreous fiber insulation at top, back, sides, bottom and doors
  • Burner door opens easily for ignition, cleaning or adjustment without removal of any hardware
  • 78-1/8"W x 45-3/8"D x 57"H
  • 85,000 BTU
  • Includes draft diverter
  • Ultra Rokite deck
  • 3/4" gas connection
  • 2-year parts, 1-year labor, 5-year limited parts oven door warranty

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Blodgett 1060 LP 85,000 BTU Liquid Propane 1-Deck Oven 78-1/8"W

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Product Details

Ovens consist of basic sections and are a complete and separate unit capable of operating alone or in combination. All data is shown per oven section, unless otherwise indicated. 


  • Full angle iron frame
  • Stainless steel front, top, sides and back
  • Spring assist doors with concealed hinges
  • Heavy chrome plated tubular steel door handle
  • 32" (794mm) stainless steel legs (for single units)
  • 12" (273mm) stainless steel legs (for double units)
  • Burner door opens easily for ignition, cleaning or adjustment, without removal of any fastenings
  • Vitreous fiber insulation at top, back, sides, bottom and doors 


  • 60"  x 36" x 10" (1524mm x 914mm x 254mm) oven compartment interior.
  • Aluminized steel baking compartment liner
  • Aluminized steel combustion chamber
  • Ultra Rokite deck supported by an angle iron frame 


  • Two free-floating, easily removable duplex-tube burners
  • Removable fixed orifices on main and pilot burners
  • Main gas valve, temperature control valve and safety pilot valve fully within section body and are accessible through a covered and ventilated compartment in front
  • Air mixers with adjustable air shutters and locking device
  • Snap throttle thermostat with temperature control range of 300°F (150°C) to 650°F (340°C) 

Standard Features

  • Fahrenheit dial 300°F to 650°F
  • Ultra Rokite deck
  • Two year parts and one year labor warranty
  • Five year limited oven door warranty*


Size of compartment: 60" (1524mm) W x 10" (254mm) H x 36" (914mm) D

Area of each compartment: 14.6 sq. ft. (1.4m2) 14.6 sq. ft. (1.4m2)

Total area of oven: 29.2 sq. ft. (2.7m2) 29.2 sq. ft. (2.7m2) Clearance below oven: 31-1/4" (794mm) 10-3/4" (273mm)

Floor space: 78-1/4" (1988mm ) W x 46-5/16" (1176mm) D Product clearance: 6" from combustible and non-combustible construction

Minimum entry clearance

Uncrated 26" (660mm)

Crated 31" (787mm)

Water supply & drain 

Drain 1.25” O.D. drain connection    Maximum drain temperature 140°F (60°C) Water 3/4” NPT garden hose - cold water only The drain piping must consist of temperature resistant material, greater than 160°F, and be of adequate diameter not to cause flow restriction.  Improper materials may deform and cause restrictions, thus affecting performance. Appliance is to be installed with backflow protection in accordance with Federal, State or Local codes. 

Gas supply 

3/4" IPS connection at rear of oven

Manifold Pressure:

• Natural – 3.5" W.C. min.

• Propane – 10.0" W.C. min.

Inlet Pressure:

• Natural – 7.0" W.C. min. – 10.5" W.C. max.

• Propane – 11.0" W.C. min. – 13.0" W.C. max.

More Information
Number Of Decks 1 Deck
72 - 83"
Type Of Power
Liquid Propane
Number of Decks
1 Deck